Grant’s photo haiga and other things

Here is Grant Savage’s first photo haiga. He’s been a nature photographer for many years, and his work will be displayed at the Haiku Canada Weekend this year. Grant, this is so perfect in every way! (the haiku may be difficult to read at this size so here it is:)

blues in the palaenopsis/her talk of life/and death at birth

About the blogroll, not all the blogs are haiku blogs, but those we’ve linked to have been gracious enough to put our links on their blogrolls, and since the blogs are so interesting, I’ve added them to ours. I’ll look for more haiku links, but really, the ones listed are so great, and offer so many links to poets and haiku/tanks/Japanese form poetry, that you could spend days with them.

In response to Amos and Andy’s not knowing what an Acme is, Mike Montreuil says that Acme makes explosives and assorted hunting and snuffing out gear for Wiley E. Coyote. A quote from Carol Stephen: Guess the explosives don’t work so well or for very long…just sayin’


2 thoughts on “Grant’s photo haiga and other things

  1. Hi Claudia (blue dragonfly),
    Sure, please sign me up to receive your KaDo blog. Enjoyed this issue, and it’s a nice way to keep in touch between Haiku Canada newsletters.
    peace & poetry power!
    … and Chase … wrfffffffffffffffffffffffffff! (still going strong at age 12+)

    p.s. I started a blog a year ago, Riffs & Ripples from ZenRiver Gardens
    I’m enjoying blogging far more than expected, & I’m finding it a convenient way to share my new work as well as that by others. It’s also an outlet for engaging in political rants & spreading the word about annual Purdy Country LitFests (this will be year #6, & the focus will be on Milton Acorn).

    • Hi Cricket! May we link to your blog? If so, how would you like yourself/blog described? Good to hear from you! I like blogging too!

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