new format/quote

As you see I’m trying out a new format. It’s brighter than the original, but readers should know that to make a comment, you click on the little ‘cloud’ at the top of the post. (There’s a name for that little cloud, but for now, little cloud will have to do.)  There’s a link to reply to the blog after the post too. Not sure yet what the difference is. 

Here’s a quote from Ron Silliman’s blog about haiku…

“Why would a poet who writes 1,000-page poems read haiku? Or pay heed to any manner of minimalism, for that matter? That’s a legitimate question, and one that I asked myself for at least a year before I felt that I fully understood my own personal answer. It’s because the questions of attention are so very similar. There is, in the minimalist poem generally, nowhere to hide…”


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