Fall meeting 2011

Our autumn meeting was at Gill Foss’s wonderful home in Carp. Philomene Kocher came up from Kingston, and Marco Fraticelli came from Montreal as it was a meeting at whick two books were launched, both published by Kingsroad Press (Marco’s Press) and were both in the Hexagram series, the most prestigious series in which to be published in Canada. Carter’s ‘Now You Know’ is the 24th Hexagram, and Philomene Kocher’s ‘hearing the silence’ is the twenty-fifth. After some reading highjinks to do with a black fedora and some performance poetry, we shared our own haiku. Gill put out some delicious snacks and drinks. Thank you Gillian. What a terrific place to hold a terrific meeting. Thanks to Phil and Marco for travelling so far to join us. Afterwards we retreated to the Cheshire cat, a well-known local pub where we re-treated ourselves and had a lot more fun. Thanks everyone for coming!