tulips and the Embassy

Tulips to remind everyone: Let me know by email, (claudiarosemary@yahoo.com) whether you’re coming to the May 12 event/meeting at The Japanese Embassy, and how many guests you will bring. Please let me know as soon as possible as our surprise guest has to know what to prepare. Make sure to send me your numbers by email (not on the blog) by April 28th. Put “Embassy” in your heading….

At the Haiku Canada Weekend we will launch the 35th Haiku Canada Members’ Anthology, THE TOUCH OF A MOTH. (2012, Scrivener Press). From that anthology, Ellen Cooper’s:

red tulip –
a ladybug escapes
the blazing heat

No blazing heat yet though here in Ottawa. Grey skies and rain to get those tulips growing. But that’s not stopping our Mike Montreuil from finishing up details and getting the collection of Drevniok Award winners to press.

There’s also a new book of Nick Virgilio poems out by Turtle Light Press. More than a hundred pages of genius for $14.95, from the states, but no postage! That’s almost unheard of! Virgilio is one of the American master haiku poets whose poems you want to have by your favourite reading chair.  www.turtlelightpress.com


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