Spring Meeting at the Japanese Embassy

A welcome to new member Louise Vaillancourt and two shahai from her, one in English and one in French. (shahai = photo haiga)

Keep May 12th open for our Spring Embassy meeting! It is at 1:00 – 3:00 in our traditional venu, the Japanese Embassy. It was brilliant of Terry Ann to make this connection with Mr. Toshi Yonehara so  many spring seasons ago.  This year we have a very special guest who will explain about the tradition of making special seasonal sweets.  In a couple of weeks I will ask exactly how many people are coming so our guest will know how many to prepare for.  remember that you may bring guests, whether they write haiku or not.

A note that Pearl Pirie’s blog Pesbo shares a link called A Quick Primer to haiku. Worth looking up.

Hi to Haiku – pesbo
pagehalffull.comUntil next week then, Claudia

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